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Tradekey's marketing is better than any other portal

Member:  Mr. Eric Cheng
Company:   Fitailor International Co. Ltd.
Membership Type: Free Member
Country:  China  
Products: fitness equipment
Member Since: 2010
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Read Story:
Fitailor International Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and located in the science and technology hardware city of China Yongkang. We are the leading manufacturer and specialized in manufacturing fitness equipment, sports goods & Auto accessories. Our products are exported to several regions, mainly to America, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Our firm adherence to Excellence in Quality and 100% Fulfillment of commitments has given us a worthy image in the eyes of our valued customers. However; everything depends upon the continued orders from quality buyers. Otherwise; the whole process of growth comes to a standstill. Well; we did realize its crucial importance and thats why when; some three years back; we saw our competitors gaining rapid growth without investing huge money on advertisements; then we probed and found the secret. Yes; the secret was their turning and reliance on the low-cost-high-productivity channel of online b2b marketing.

Well; it is true that every b2b platform gives you edge to certain extent; but for me; the question was; which one can give the Maximum Exposure to my business?! Sure; thats not easy to determine; as every portal I came across made lofty claims. I was confused at first; which one to choose. I chose a couple of old and big names and contacted all of them; but to my astonishment; despite huge claims; none could show evidence to give me the extent of Success I desired. After some time; I again searched for the right one and then TradeKey; a growing name as compared to old ones; did show me the easy and fast way of achieving what I looked for. And that was the beginning of our ties. I became premium member and since then have capitalized lots of potential inquiries received via TradeKey and my revenue growth rate is enlarging every year.

Trust cannot be bought; it is gained. And with time it grows stronger. Our relationship with TradeKey has been for more than 3 years; now we have entered the fourth year of mutual trust and loyalty. TradeKey did prove their claims and commitments; hence we too have been their loyal member and we are proud to be a part of them; which has benefitted our organization in all ways. If you are truly concerned to find the right place to grow your business without any hassle and fear of cheating; then you can follow my footsteps with confidence.

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