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Tradekey has given me a low cost solution for reaching buyers across the globe

Member:  Ping He
Membership Type: Free Member
Country:  China  
Products: Plastic Machinery,Blow Moulding Machine, Construction Machinery, Agriculral Machinery, Rubber Tyre Recycling Machinery, Packing Machinery, Boilers
Member Since: 2009
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ZhangJiagang XingJinggang Machinery Company Limited has grown rapidly since its foundation. Our product range is from Plastic Machinery,Blow Moulding, Construction, Agriculral, Rubber Tyre Recycling, Packing Machinery, and Boilers. We established good relationship with various buyers in US and Western Europe. These include some valuable contacts to dropship our products. This years, we decided to expand our business by upgrading to Silverkey membership to Goldkey Membership of This proved to be the single best investment decision of our firm. Our mission is to be a customer centric organization. We try our best to meet these buyers need from sample-making to bulk goods. We believe we could bring better service to our client; in return, we could get more and more attention in the future.