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Continuous success with TradeKey VIP service. Closed orders worth $25,000 and $26,000 respectively.!

  • Member: Jim Gzhou
  • Company: Pan-China Fastening System Co., Ltd.
  • Country: China
  • Products: Pipe Nipple, steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, galvanised steel pipe, Gi pipe, Iron Pipe, Malleable iron fitting, Iron fitting, Rolled threaded Pipe Nipples, Steel Nipple
  • Member Since: 2007

“Innovation is the hardest route to success. It is full of promises but with many complications along the road. Pan China a manufacturer of ‘threaded pipe nipples’ decided to take on such road soon after its inception. The company focused primarily on invention of a new technology and managed to develop a new ‘Roll Threading’ technology that has major advantages over the ‘conventional cut thread technology’ used in the piping industry. This initial success quickly met with its biggest challenges, lack of awareness in the industry, unacceptability and lack of faith in its strengths in the industry. This is where Pan China took advantage of Tradekey’s VIP services and gradually overcame its challenges. Tradekey’s buyer consultant who was trained for the products of Pan China i.e. Galvanized Nipples did the best market research and shared his understandings and statistics with the General Manager of the company. He took an initiative to export its products for the first time and asked the Buyer Consultant to initiate the contact with the buyers who were verified in order to have decent and successful conversation regarding the products. After having him engaged, discussions were mainly based on the challenges and issues that were resisting the Chinese member to enter the international market. The new technology which Pan China introduced had no awareness among the consumers, that this particular technology might have technical issues while using it also in the USA market they have Anti Dumping Limitations that means they can’t import any pipe of more than 6” that again caused some problem for the buyer consultant. conventional cut threading. At this point buyer consultant had to come forward and start the convincing and negotiating process which itself by the Chinese member might not have been possible to do it the same way, as to convince someone one needs to communicate by matching the tone in order to deliver what the mind says, words have to be spoken to let the other person know what you think or what you want to say. Months passed, the process continued and finally the buyer from the USA and also from New Zealand market placed a sample order to get the product tested in the laboratory and practically too by fitting with the pipes. And guess what! It got approved after 3 months of testing then the buyers stepped ahead and placed orders worth $25,000 and $26,000

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