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combat helmet, kevlar helmet, military helmet, bulletproof helmet, ballistic helmet, tactical helmet, safety helmet, protection helmet


bulletproof body armor, bomb suit, military equipment, ceramic plates, military tactical vest, safety vest, kevlar bulletproof vest, kevlar helmet

70 ~ 190 / Piece ( Negotiable ) Obtener el precio más reciente


70 per Piece

500 Piece

standard export packing. 10pcs/ctn, ctn size: 65x30x50cm

20 days for one order usually

5000 Piece per Month

L/C, T/T

bulletproof helmet

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Especificaciones del producto

bulletproof vest, bulletproof helmet, ballistic plate : armor vest, military vest, safety vest bulletproof material aramid and PE : tactical vest, ceramic tiles, kevlar clothing

Descripción del producto

Bulletproof material


 Product features

1. Reliability:It is a stable quality product, which can reach or close to the other

international products in this area.

2. Continuity:continuous sheet, which can reduce the wasting for the slopwork

3. Environmentally friendly:environmental water-soluble resin which is non-poison and


4. Easy operation: soft handle, Double - sided coating, non-stick knife, durable


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NIJ Level II is a good balance between comfort, conceivability and protection from blunt trauma. NIJ Level IIIA is worn by many police officers and law enforcement agents. This is the most widely utilized type of vest in the industry for safety, cost and the ability to be worn under another garment.


Level III and IV tactical vests require ballistic inserts and are thus heavier and also more expensive. The plates will provide better blunt trauma protection and preserve the wearer's ability to return fire after taking a hit. These vests are highly desirable when facing threats such as machine guns and high velocity rounds. If you look for more detailed information on the protection specifications, please feel free to contact us.




Rifles and submachine guns are capable of delivering higher velocity rounds that render soft armor ineffective. Therefore we advise the use of hard armor inserts which will upgrade a level IIIA vest to a level III or IV protection in the front and back. Linry offers plates made of Aramid or PE & ceramic or a combination of both materials to cover the chest and back. Soft body armor vests only provide pistol and shotgun protection.




Linrys bulletproof vests are engineered to be both cool and comfortable for extended wear. Only extreme heat can present a certain level of discomfort.




LINRY's scientifically engineered body armor is of superior quality and designed for a broad range of uses. For our ballistic packages we use quality material sourced from Dupont and Teijin.


Body armor manufactured with such quality materials provide superior protection against a wide range of threats including handgun ammunition, grenade fragments and knives. Thanks to the patented unidirectional material inside, vests provide unparalleled stopping power coupled with superior comfort. Our Aramid Core UD provides excellent multi-hit performance along with protection from angle and edge shots, providing for low back face deformation (BFD), along with resistance to trauma and abrasion. All our Aramid ballistic panels have high durability (environmental condition by NIJ 0101.06 standard, TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY NIJ SYSTEM) and are resistant to damage from fire, moisture, UV rays (Thermo Sealed) and chemicals.


Our vests are designed to be comfortable during strenuous activity and provide both a comfortable fit and secure protection for your life the moment you put on Linry body armor.


For the production of our hard armor inserts we use few kinds of material combinations such as ceramics and even steel for our planks, please feel free to contact us if you have any question.




All our personal body armor products have been tested and certified, should you be interested in getting a copy of the ballistic report, please feel free to contact us.


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The main threat to body amour, apart from bullets, are careless maintenance .


One major threat to the body armor is moisture, Our soft body amour panels are thermo sealed in a waterproof nylon envelope, which also provides protection from ultra violet light.


The other danger is from neglect. Body amour is not only valuable, it can save your life. Good maintenance will ensure or even, in some cases prolong your body armors shelf life.


There are a few basic steps which can make your body amour last for a long time:


• When you are not wearing your vest, remove the soft and hard ballistic panels and lay them flat, in a cool, dark, dry place. Lay or hang the carrier when not in use. The vest carrier and the soft and hard ballistic panels should never be stored when wet.


• Hard ballistic plates should be wiped with a damp sponge, using a mild detergent. Soft amour inserts are normally enclosed in a waterproof envelope. This envelope can be sponged, using a mild detergent. The envelope should be repaired if it becomes damaged, to ensure that it continues to be waterproof. Cotton carriers are hand wash preferred, but can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, after the ballistic panels have been removed. Nylon or Cordura carriers should be sponged, using a mild detergent as they usually come with PU backing or/and Teflon process on the surface, which helps to keep water off the carrier.


• You should inspect the vest garment and the ballistic material and/or ballistic plate on a regular basis.


If you are concerned or uncertain of the condition of your body amour, please contact us for an assessment.


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Hello Dear,
Glad to know that you are looking for bulletproof security solutions.
This is Lora from Jiangsu Linry, we produce bulletproof materials(PE and Aramid) and kinds of finished bulletproof products(bulletproof vest, ballistic helmet, hard armor plate, ballistic shield, stab proof vest) in china, which are supply to governments(police and army)at home and abroad. We have abandunt experience in government biddings,and also provide customized service (OEM). We pay most attention to high quality guarantee, even lots of Chinese competitors buy from us then resell to overseas market. We attend trade shows every year, such as Shotshow in America, Milipol in France, IDEX in UAE, AAD in South Africa, Interpolitex in Russia, Ciepe in Beijing.
Welcome to inquire us if any purchasing plan, we have NIJ test report, sample is availbale for your test, thank you!

Best regards!

Lora Ma


Jiangsu Linry Innovation Material Technology Co.,Ltd

Gangnan Rd, Zhenjiang New District, Jiangsu, China***2000

Mob/whatsapp/wechat: ***********7589

Skype ID: *9029****@***com

Email: cnlrkj


Persona de contacto: LORA

Empresa:Jiangsu Linry innovation material co.,ltd

Dirección:Shanghai, Shanghai, China,


LORA < Jiangsu Linry innovation material co.,ltd >
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