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Vehicle Tracking Systems



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Product Specification

Tracking System for Vehicles

Guang Dong, China (Mainland)


GPS Tracking/Locating/Monitoring

Universal, 12V Based Transport


GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Quad Band

Descripción del producto

Victor GPS GSM Vehicle Tracking System is applicable for any kinds of 12V based transport, such as cars, vans, motorcycles and electromobiles. No matter smartphone or classic cellphone, just phone on a GSM SIM card, your car can be traced, located and monitored. The key features of this vehicle tracker is GPS continuous positioning, built-in vibration sensor, theft proof, also you can add three SOS numbers in maximum. With GPS tracker for Vehicles, you can know where your loved ones have been or tracing the fleeing car thief.
  Vehicle Tracking Systems Specifics
  • Property:Tracking System for Vehicles
  • Place of Origin: Guang Dong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:Victor
  • Model Name:VT-220
  • Special Features: GPS Tracking/Locating/Monitoring
  • Material Type:Brand New Durable Electronic Component
  • Applicable Models: Universal, 12V Based Transport
  • Certificate:CE/FCC/E4

Feature GPS Trackers for Cars Functions
  • 1.GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Quad Band;
  • 2.Wide for Voltage Input Range: 9-36vDC;
  • 3.GPS Continuous Positioning, GPRS Timing Interval;
  • 4.Check Location Via SMS;
  • 5.Built-in Vibration Sensor, Theftproof;
  • 6.ACC Ignition Detection;
  • 7.Tele-cutoff (Petrol/Electricity) Function;
  • 8.Three SOS Numbers in Maximum;
  • 9.SOS Alarm and Burglar Alarm;
  • 10.Voice Monitor Function;
  • 11.Alarm When the Power Supply is Disconnected Intentionally (with Backup Battery);
  • 12.Compatible with External Connection through (Serial Port);
  • 13.Geo-fence Via SMS Command.
  Basic Functions
  • 1.Check Location Via SMS;
  • 2.SOS Alarm;
  • 3.Wire Cut-off Alarm;
  • 4.Low Battery Alarm;
  • 5.Vibration Alarm;
  • 6.Voice Monitoring;
  • 7.Oil Cut-off Via SMS;
  • 8.Restoring Oil Via SMS;
  • 9.Over Speed Alarm.

Vehicle Tracking Systems Manufacturer Specification Technical Data
  • GSM:850/900/1800/1900MHz;
  • GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP Build in GSM Module;
  • GPS: MT3326;
  • GSM Antenna: Built-in Quad Band;
  • GPS Antenna: Built-in GPS High Gain Ceramics Patch Antenna;
  • Tracking Sensitivity: -159dBm;
  • Acquisition Sensitivity: -144dBm;
  • Battery: 3.7vDC/450mAh;
  • Working Voltage/Current: 9-36vDC/90mA;
  • LED Indicator: 3 LED Indicator: GPS-Blue, GSM-Green, Power-Red;
  • Certifications: E-mark, CE.
Packaging Details
  • Package Type:Foam Packaging with Gift Box;
  • Package Weight: 1.87kg;
  • Dimensions: 98.0(L) * 52.0 (W) * 15.0 (H)mm.

GPS Tracking
Make use of GPS ( Global Positioning System ) technology to trace the exactly location of vehicles. To achieve tracing function, a GSM SIM card is indeed. Command sent by message control the in car gps tacker unit, then the unit return precise location latitude and longitude by message to smartphone or cellphone, for classical cellphone, only message with location of the cars and location latitude, for smartphone control, both message info and Google map link is available.

SOS Alarm and Burglar Alarm
In emergent case, press SOS for 3s to activate SOS alarm. Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset specific numbers and the dial the numbers in circles until the call is picked up. At the meantime, the gps tracker will upload SOS alarm data to the server.

Low Battery Alarm
When the vehicle tracking system is only working with battery, once the internal voltage of battery is less than 3.7V. The tracking system for vehicle will send low battery alarm sms to specific number and alarm on platform. Low battery alarm sms content example:" Attention!!!! Battery too low, please charge." Which means the battery is too low, time to charge.

Vibration Alarm
When vehicle power is off, ACC status is also low, and if the lead time of low ACC is more than 10 minutes (settable), the vehicle tracking system will activate security alarm. When the security alarm is on, once the vehicle vibrates for several times, the alarm will be activated, in the later 3 minutes, vehicle power is still off( ACC status is low, the vehicles tracker will start alarm. At this time, it will send alarm SMS to SOS specific number and dial the SOS number in cycle until through. If nobody answers, the call just keeps 3 loops at most.

Voice Monitoring
When the special number cellphone dial the vehicle tracker, ringing for 10 seconds, it will enter voice monitoring status. At this time, caller can monitoring the sound in vehicle. Incoming call from non special number will not activate voice monitoring function. Note: To realize this function, please set special number beforehand. The SIM card put into the vehicle tracking system should be equipped with caller identification.





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