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Latest Products
Peanut Kernels   Ghana
High quality peanut kernels without shells.Red in color. Round and oblong shaped nuts. No rotten nuts and low foreign matter
buckwheat, crop 2017 Russian origin   Russia
Dear Sir/Madam, Due to our own manufacturing area in the Altai region, Russia energizing and nutritious buckwheat is available throughout the year in any volumesand on various terms of delivery: F...
Sunflower Oil 100% cold pressed   Moldova
ARHYGEEA products are natural products made using cold pressing technology. The oils are produced from carefully selected seeds that are not subjected to thermal or chemical treatments, thus acqui...
corn oil    Hungary
Refined Pure Corn Oil, odour-free, transparent oil. This oil does not burn, does not foam up and is ideal for cooking and baking.   Specification: Shelf Life: 18 Months Specific gravity @ ...
Barley Grains   Brazil
Send us your request. Grains and meals in general, such as soybean, corn (yellow and white), barley, rice, wheat, coffee, powdered milk, sugar (IC-45, IC-100, IC-150, IC-800/1200…), oil...
Dried Split Ginger, Dried Hibiscus flower, Cashew nuts and Sesame seeds.   Nigeria
 Vanericmike Global Ltd a commodity trading and export company in Nigeria. We supply high quality Dried split Ginger of Nigeria heritage. Our delivery capacity is over 500 Ton per month, &...